Thaddeus Special Forces: Operation Alpha Gold Team Book 2

#ad - To stop myself from wondering where she was and why she’d left me. Now my team needs answers from her to stop a criminal mastermind and I can’t trust a damn thing that comes out of her pretty mouth. Emerson’s no longer the sweet girl I fell for, she’s the girlfriend of a notorious drug runner and dog fighter.

In a cantina in Mexico. But not from my heart. But I did. But one thing is for sure. I will save Emerson Pierce, even from herself. There had been a time, i’d been happy—blissfully happy—then a single act of brutality tore Thaddeus Bench from my life. Or at least that’s what I thought until her lies unravel and the truth explodes.

Thaddeus Special Forces: Operation Alpha Gold Team Book 2 #ad - Nothing about Emerson was what it seemed. The agony of her betrayal still as sharp as it was the day I’d come home and found her gone. I never thought I’d see him again. Nothing about our latest mission was easy. And when he looked over at me with so much hatred in his stare, it pulverized what was left of my heart.

Emerson Pierce was my own personal hell.


Kyle Special Forces: Operation Alpha Gold Team Book 3

#ad - Not when the beautiful woman with haunted eyes asked him and his teammate to escort her to a remote island to save a bunch of children. It coats her skin and burns her gut. Then it was forever embedded into her soul when she was sold to a sex trafficking ring. Nearly two decades later the stench still clings to her.

He had no business falling in love—but was helpless against her bravery and strength. But when the threat closes in and one of their lives hangs in the balance, Kyle has to make a choice. The island was overrun with rebels and the unrest was at an all-time high. And the wrong one could mean death. While on an assignment with the Peace Corps she learns of brothel posing as an orphanage and she cannot turn her back.

Kyle Special Forces: Operation Alpha Gold Team Book 3 #ad - He tumbled head first and now he had to let her go. His personal life was in turmoil, his team at war from with a high-power criminal syndicate. There was no stopping the woman, she was resolute and Kyle was just as determined to keep her safe. Anaya baker knows pain—she got her first taste when she was orphaned and put into foster care.

Anaya has one mission: save the young girls for the horrors she herself had suffered. Kyle smith couldn’t say no.


Brooks Special Forces: Operation Alpha Gold Team Book 1

#ad - There was something working behind her intelligent eyes, and it looked a lot like pain. She has also mastered the fine art of deception. He had her right where he wanted her until the hunters become the prey and their world explodes. But it’s not only her skin the bears the marks her failures, doubt and a healthy dose cynicism now clouds her vision.

And when she tries to hide behind snark and sass he decides on the spot he wants to know more. Tatiana doesn’t have time for games. She’s on the hunt for the man who left her life in ruins. Not the physical kind, the emotional aftermath of heartache. Tatiana jones is no stranger to the battlefield. Can tex get search and rescue team to them in time, or will it be a recovery mission?
*Brooks: Book 1 in the all new Gold Team series features Susan Stoker’s new Legacy SEALs.

Brooks Special Forces: Operation Alpha Gold Team Book 1 #ad - *. It will take more than the Gold Team to bring down a Saudi Prince out for blood. Brooks has something else in mind, something more, something far more permanent than the no strings fun Tatiana is offering. That’s until he walks into a shitstorm and comes face to face with the woman who’s about to turn his world upside down.

In her line of work it is a necessity. Former navy seal brooks Miller is living the good life working as a mercenary.


Maximus Special Forces: Operation Alpha Gold Team Book 4

#ad - What happens when a woman who’s done the unthinkable needs protection—can a man who’s lost his belief in humanity keep her safe?Max Brown doesn’t trust anyone but his team. Neither of them trust and both will fight to stay in control. Tex calls in the gold team to help—specifically Max Brown, the man with a past that mirrors that of Eva’s.

A past that clouds the present. Tex has a plan—he always does. Now, just when she’s getting her life back together someone wants her dead. Love is a word that is used to manipulate. Max is an island and he prefers it that way. A woman who needs a safe harbor—but is undeserving. Cyber genius, john “tex” keegan rescued Eva Dawson, a single mother who was forced to do something inconceivable to save her children.

Maximus Special Forces: Operation Alpha Gold Team Book 4 #ad - If tex can keep them both alive long enough, he knows the duo is the perfect pair—each of them will be what the other needs to heal the sins of the past. The former seal learned early in life that people let you down—they lie, they steal, and they lie some more. She is redeemable. Family is meaningless.

Tex somehow sees the good in her when no one else does.


Alec's Dream Gemini Group Book 4

Rebels Romance #ad - With a newborn daughter dropped on his doorstep and fatherhood looming, he doesn’t have a moment of free time to spare. Past indiscretion with life-altering effects. Whether she wants it or not. Former navy seal alec Hall’s world has come to a screeching halt. He vows to do whatever necessary to protect Macy and her children.

The sadness in macy’s pretty eyes is unmistakable—it calls to him, making all of his protective instincts roar to life. But now her ex is in more debt and his bookie’s knocking on her door for payment. Can he let go of his guilt, embrace his new role, and be the hero Macy needs? The odds are stacked against them and now more than ever Alec needs a miracle.

Alec's Dream Gemini Group Book 4 #ad - Too bad macy wants nothing to do with him. But when alec finds out the woman who runs his daughter’s daycare is in danger, he can’t stay away. Macy spencer hit rock bottom and clawed her way out of the hole her cheating, lying, gambling ex-husband left her in. The last thing she needs is the handsome, rough, sexy-as-all-get-out Alec Hall overhearing the threats—but he does—and now he’s making it his mission to protect her and her children.

Drowning in debt and penniless, the single mother of two worked hard to get her life back on track and protect her children from the fallout. A battle is warring in Alec’s head.


Rescuing Erin Special Forces: Operation Alpha Red Team Book 5

#ad - Yet the cool, no-nonsense mercenary has resisted every temptation her wit and cunning can cook up. When she’s targeted by a home-grown terrorist, and Colin is forced to take Erin and run, keeping his distance is no longer an option. Ex-green beret colin Doyle has the most maddening, frustrating job in Washington D.

C. Protecting the First Daughter of the United States. Erin anderson is irresistibly beautiful, quick-witted and cunning, completely untouchable—and apparently bound and determined to lure him out of his dark shades and neutral suit. From the moment colin took over her security detail, Erin has felt their sizzling connection, and caught glimpses of a heart bigger than his protective streak.

Rescuing Erin Special Forces: Operation Alpha Red Team Book 5 #ad - But as their attraction melts into desire, it becomes horrifyingly clear Erin is just pawn in a much bigger game—and it’ll take calling in the world’s most dangerous backup to beat a fast-ticking clock on the President’s life. If they fail, all hell will break loose. This is a full length novel with over 75, 000 words, more for you to enjoy!


Recovering Ivy Special Forces: Operation Alpha Red Team Book 4

#ad - I’ve broken terrorists faster than I can pull information from her sweet lips. The only time she’s pliant is when she’s under me, or when my mouth is exploring her sexy curves, and then the most exquisite filthy words and breathy moans fill my ears. If she thinks she can walk away from me, she’s wrong.

I’ve found the one–my perfect match–my equal. Come hell or high-water Ivy is mine. If he thinks he can silence me with the promise of more mind-bending sex, he’s wrong. Ivy matthews is the most frustrating female I’ve ever known. Now he knows my real name, my secrets, and all the details of my sordid past.

Recovering Ivy Special Forces: Operation Alpha Red Team Book 4 #ad - I’m out for revenge and no one will stop me; not even the pragmatic Zane Lewis. We met in a bar. The sex was phenomenal. Then I walked away. That’s where our story should’ve ended. But he found me.


Redeeming Violet Special Forces: Operation Alpha Red Team Book 3

#ad - However, tex confirms the group of SEALs are indeed where she says they are, and Jaxon and his team have no choice but to listen. But after that… then he’ll toss her out on ass. The former air forces pararescueman takes the promise he’s made to serve his country as an honor. When the traitor, shows up claiming to have information the red team needs to save Wolf, Cookie, Dude, Abe, CIA analyst Violet Myers, and Benny from walking into a terrorists sophisticated trap Jaxon’s first impression is toss her out on her lying ass.

The only problem is, no one believes her. With a platoon on navy SEALs walking into an ambush, the stakes are high. That’s if he can keep his hands off the pretty liar. Disloyalty. This book was previously published in Amazon Kindle Worlds***A woman who betrayed her county. Violet myers has a good reason for her treachery – better to sacrifice the few to save the many.

Redeeming Violet Special Forces: Operation Alpha Red Team Book 3 #ad - Dishonor. Her only hope is convincing the sexy Jaxon “Blue” Cain she’s telling the truth this time. A man who took an oath to protect his country from all enemies – foreign and domestic. Jaxon cain bleeds red, white, and blue. The three d’s jaxon hates the most – Violet has a lot to make up for before she’ll find redemption.


A second chance military romance thriller: Red Team - Nightstalker

Rebels Romance #ad - All for her- my warrior princess. Now all i had to do is make her remember. But i will! i will bend her and tie her to me so tight she would never be able to get free. I have fought to get back here, two years breathing in filth and scum. Two years willing my brain to remember. Lincolnthis may be my toughest mission yet.

One secret after another is revealed, lies are exposed and the missing pieces of the puzzle are finally put together. Warning* 18+ explicit and graphic sexual content and language. Almost. Featuring ex-military badboys and possessive alpha males who use dirty language! Be Advised. He demanded my attention, whispering the filthiest words in my ear and that was all it took to have me yielding to his every demand.

A second chance military romance thriller: Red Team - Nightstalker #ad - I was missing something; a missing piece of time to be exact. It was hard not to notice him, bossy, tall, and sexy as hell. I had secrets that she needed to know. Then he walked into my life, actually he pushed his way in. Just when i thought i could take no more; I am faced with the most important mission of my life.

None of my seal training or my time in the CIA has prepared me for this; a prickly five foot nothing hellcat, Jasmin Smith.


Protecting Olivia Special Forces: Operation Alpha Red Team Book 2

#ad - So why does he keep finding himself in her bed? Even if she's fully clothed and terrorized by memories of her kidnapping, he knows better and is desperate to keep Olivia at arm's length. He's a professional, a tier one contractor. This book was previously published in amazon kindle Worlds***When the daughter of a White House aide goes missing, the President calls in Zane Lewis and his team of former special forces soldiers to find the missing girl.

Finding herself in a dingy room handcuffed and held prisoner, Olivia becomes an unsuspecting pawn in a game she didn’t know was being played. Leo “panther” gillonardo is a former SEAL who thought he knew the game better than most. The harder she tries to break free from the pressure and obligations of her stifling family, the faster she sinks into a nightmare of her own making.

Protecting Olivia Special Forces: Operation Alpha Red Team Book 2 #ad - She’s the mission. This latest decision may be the last one she ever makes. Giving in seems inevitable, and olivia must decide if she’s all in or if she’ll fold as Panther plays a no-holds-barred game of the heart. From the political corruption of washington, dc to the sunny shores of california, and christopher “Abe” Powers, follow Susan Stoker’s Navy SEALs, John “Tex” Keegan, Matthew “Wolf” Steel, on a thrill ride when they join the RED TEAM on an epic mission.

The red team, discovers the true motive behind the kidnapping, having a well-earned reputation for being the best, and all hell breaks loose. All olivia cox wants to do is escape her life.


Adoring Delaney The Next Generation Book 5

Rebels Romance #ad - She’s waited for him between missions hoping he’d eventually open his heart and they could be together. If she can find the courage to trust Carter’s promises and share her secret, their future will be full of the life and love they’ve always wanted. Carter lenox has two regrets—hesitating on a mission in Afghanistan with disastrous consequences and pushing away Delaney Walker.

. When he gets word the love of his life is in trouble and she needs him more than ever, the decision to go home is an easy one. Delaney walker has loved Carter since they were children. If not, delaney may not only lose her first love, but her life. But when she suffers a devastating loss, one she must keep a secret, Delaney decides it’s time to stop waiting for her SEAL and move on.

Adoring Delaney The Next Generation Book 5 #ad - With the threat closing in, Delaney has no choice but to turn to Carter.